Elias Théroux

Cloak+Dagger & Smoke+Mirrors

Cloak+Dagger is an event that acts as a fully immersive transformation of a regular bar space and modifes it aesthetically for one special night each month.

The entailed the development of an identity system, logotype, brand standards, collateral, design strategy, brand language, and an accompanying multimedia marketing campaign. The advertising included a print campaign, website, full use of social media platforms, a series of video promos, and a series of mix tapes. All photography and video content used in the campaign is original. I also worked to further develop a cohesive experience for the patrons of the event by curating the experience they would have at the event itself. The atmosphere was completely altered through use of ambient lighting, fog machines, and projection. A speciality menu was developed and printed for the event which included cocktails, named the "Cloak" and the "Dagger", respectively. I also oversaw and selected the DJs which played the event and directed the overall musical experience so as to align with the atmosphere that the party brought to the space.

Following the success of Cloak+Dagger in St. Petersburg, Florida I was asked to collaborate and create a sister event akin to Cloak+Dagger. This event, named Smoke+Mirrors, was held weekly. The space was completely transformed from the layout, the lighting, the atmosphere, the menus, and more. Unique cocktails were developed aptly named the 'Smoke' and 'Mirror' respectively. Original photography and videography were done to create promotional advertisements used in both print and digital media.

Press: Tampa Bay Times